Cannot save binary mask of annottated images from Segmentation module

I am very new in Slicer. I want to save binary masks of annotated images. I cannot save binary masks of all annotated images using export binary label map in segmentations module. When ı right click in the DATA module and tell the export to dicom, I can see the binary mask of the only one image all other segmented slices are seen as white not like a binary mask. What I am doing wrong?

Are you sure you need the segmentation results in DICOM format?
You can save the segmentation as labelmap by right-clicking on the segmentation in Data module to export to binary labelmap then use menu: File / Save to save as nrrd file.

No. I do not need to the segmentation results in DICOM format. But I just want to check binary results. How can I visualize nrrd file? Or How can I see binary images ?



As Andras said, after segmentation all you need to do is to right click on your segment name in the Data module, and export it to a binary label map.

After that if you want to save the labelmap as NRRD or NIFTI, just use the regular Save dialog box.