Can't launch Slicer on Linux - failed to obtain launcher executable name


I can’t open Slicer on Ubuntu 16.04 64 bits :
Linux 4.13.0-38-generic #43~16.04.1-Ubuntu SMP

I tried 2 releases :

1- “Slicer-4.9.0-2018-04-25-linux-amd64” and " , I got this error :
error: Failed to obtain launcher executable name !

2- Slicer-4.0.0-linux-amd64/ ; got the following error :
./bin/SlicerQT-real: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

Any idea !

Thank you

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By the way,
I already opened an topic regarding the same issue :

I still can’t use Slicer, and I need this software on Linux.

Thank again

Try deleting the Slicer folder setting in your home(rename it if you still need it)

rm -rf ~/.config/NA-MIC


mv ~/.config/NA-MIC ~/.config/SlicerBK

Then run Slicer again.

thank you for your feedback

in fact, there is no folder on my home directory

Try lo locate the NA-MIC directory :

find $HOME -type d -name “NA-MIC”

Some distros don’t put config files in $HOME/.config/

it is a hidden folder, you just need to run one of the commands I mentioned above then run slicer again. copy paste the command in the terminal and let us know what message you got. No messages means the command run without problem.

@chir.set @brhoom
yes, i searched in hidden folder, can’t find

what is the path of your Slicer. Did you build it yourself or just downloaded the binary from Slicer website?

I placed in ~/Software/Slicer

The path looks ok. When Slicer run it should create NA-MIC folder in .config. I suggest you try to download the stable version 4.8.1 then extract it in ~/Software then run Slicer in a terminal like this


if it does not work please write your terminal output here.

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Hi @brhoom

Thank you, this release work fine :slightly_smiling_face:

Have a good day

Try also to re-download the nightly build. Sometimes, the downloaded file is corrupted.

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