Can't open this file in slicer. please help

Operating system: win 64
Slicer version: 4.10.2
Expected behavior: open file
Actual behavior: do not open file

Both latest stable (currently 4.10.2) and latest preview releases of Slicer load this volume without problems.

thanks for your reply. but he didn’t solve my problem. tried on two more computers, the same problems, the program does not see dicom files. if there are other solutions, I will be very glad to hear them. thanks.

Can you try moving your file to a location where path (i.e. folder names) doesn’t have any special characters? I noticed that you’re loading your file from a path with spaces in them, that used to be problematic in the past, not sure if this has been resolved


Hello, thank you for helping me, your advice was correct. after renaming the DICOM file to English - everything worked. thanks again.