CaseIterator - how to input source data

Can anyone help me figure out how to create a usable csv for caseiterator? I created a csv with the headers specified in the module. If I import the file into Slicer I can get it to show up in the table list.

I added a few lines referencing the DICOMs I have saved on my filesystem. Is there a way to reference DICOM files in a database? Using a base/relative path? Either way, my path of C:/path/to/dicom yields the error: “Error loading batch! Unable to find column “path” (key root)”.

Sorry if this is a newb question. Just getting started.

Here’s an example for creating a csv.

I don’t think CaseIterator handles DICOM, but this example shows converting scalar volumes from the database to nii files and you could create a csv for those.