Failed to import dicom

I’m using DICOM module to import dicom but failed.
The procedure was like: import dicom files → choose folder → patient imported to dicom database → examine series → load.
Everything work fine before load. When I clicked the load button, Slicer returned errors below:

Imported a DICOM directory, checking for extensions
Loading with imageIOName: GDCM
Could not read scalar volume using GDCM approach.  Error is: FileFormatError
Loading with imageIOName: DCMTK
Could not read scalar volume using DCMTK approach.  Error is: FileFormatError
Could not load: 102001: Unnamed Series as a Scalar Volume

Here is the screenshot.

I tried to import single dicom file by the DATA button and it works fine, I don’t know what happens to the DICOM module since I can load the whole directory using other DICOM viewer like RadiAnt

Slicer version: 4.13.0 2021-11-20

Please use the latest Slicer stable version and follow the instructions provided in the DICOM module documentation.