Cerebrospinal fluid volume and cerebral hemorrhage focus volume were calculated using brain MRI

I am very grateful for your recent reply, which solved many problems for me, and I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart. I have some questions about MRI again, and I would like to ask you about it. I would like to ask, can 3Dslicer use brain MRI to calculate the volume of cerebrospinal fluid or cerebral infarction foci? I have been researching recently, but I still haven’t found a method, if I can use MRI to calculate, can you please teach me and tell me what the approximate method steps are?

Unfortunately detecting and quantifying cerebral infractions from MRI a complex topic and I can’t describe a step by step solution here. A lot depends on the quality and the type of the MRI in terms of how well different tissues are imaged. I know you have already been trying to look for a solution, but probably best would be to study the underlying publications around hemorrhagic stroke imaging so you have a better idea what can and cannot be reliably imaged. It’s an active research topic so I’m sure you will find many useful papers on the topic.

For reference here’s the other post.