Change Axis Labels from RAS to XYZ (or something else custom)

I was wondering if it is possible to change the RAS labels on the axes to XYZ? I am attempting to make using slicer more attractive to folks in the Nondestructive Testing world and being able to change RAS to XYZ will make the direction markers easier for us non-medical users more straightforward.

Many thanks!

Yes, that’s configurable.

>>> v = getNode('*View*')
>>> v.SetAxisLabel(0, "Hello")


Hi pieper,

Thanks for the swift reply!

Is this also configurable for the axis arrows (see below):


  • Jon

… also on the slice views


Yes, both Slice and ThreeD view nodes are subclasses of vtkMRMLAbstractViewNode. Probably you should look at SlicerAstro to get ideas for removing the human-specific parts of the Slicer interface.

Thank you so much! I will look into this.