Add a label to the 3D glyph

Hi all,
I am using the 3D glyph to orient and position a plane. It would be interesting to me to be able to add a label on the red axis, for instance (see figure, where a “P” is always visible along the red axis).
I have tried using a MRML markup fiducial and updating its position according to the transform matrix of the plane node. But it would be cleaner to implement something at a lower level (in vtk).
Could you please advise me on this topic if you have already done similar things?

Thank you very much for any help!

Screenshot from 2022-07-04 17-24-05

I see that this feature would be useful but it is not currently available. It would be nice if you could implement it.

It would require storing axis names in the vtkMRMLMarkupsNode and display in vtkSlicerMarkupsWidgetRepresentation.

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Thanks this will definitely help me to implement this.

Just to follow up, we have a basic implementation working (also thanks to @Sunderlandkyl for his help with 2D visibility of the labels), and after some cleanup I’ll do a PR soon.