Change data type for nifti export of SEG

Hi, thanks in advance

  1. Is nifti export of Segmentations in 3D Slicer, Nifti2? or Nifti1?
  2. Seems like 3D Slicer uses signed short (16 bit) for data type of the exported nifti. Is it possible to force it to use unsigned char ? (2bits)

PS: ITK-SNAP seems to have default data type for seg export in nifti of 2-Byte Unsigned Integer

Slicer uses ITK to save nifti and it should be nifti 1 (with 32 bit floats in the header field) but there may be options in the ITK code to export either.

You can change the datatype of your MRML Volume using the Cast Scalar Volume module and the nifti file should match the datatype you convert to.

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