Save a DICOM Data as a Nifti

Hi guys,

at the moment I try to segment DICOM MR pictures. Before Slicer I used ITK Snap. Now I have the problem when I try to save my DICOM as a nifti (.nii) it is not possible. There are just the options .nrrd and other. Same problem when I try to save my Segmentation as a .nii.gz data. Can you please help me?

Thank you very much!

Hello @radio123

What version of Slicer are using?

In the Save dialog box, if you click on the drop down menu for File format, you should get .nii and .nii.gz formats


Thanks for your response! I use 4.10.2
Yes I tried this but there are no .nii or .nii.gz options. Is my version too old?

No, it should still work. Have you scrolled all the way down using the drop down menu for the File Format option? What file formats do you get?

@radio123 - did you export your segmentation to a labelmap first? (Use Export in the segmentations module). Nii format can’t save a full segmentation so it’s not a save option.

hello, i am having the same problem…did you find a solution? thank you .

You can find step-by-step instructions for exporting segmentation to NIFTI format in the Segmentations module documentation.

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