Change number of scalers

I have *.nrrd images and has “Number of scaler” parameter (under the volume information tab in 3-d-slicer) has value 8. I want change this file to the *.nrrd file having “Number of scaler parameter” is equal to 1. Because it is creating the issue while executing those files having “number of scalers” greater than 1 to run on Pyradiomic platform.

You can convert this 8-component (vector) image to a single-component (scalar) image using Vector to scalar volume module.

Thanks for the prompt response. My *.nrrd image is not of vector type. The volume type for given image is “MRMLMulti” having the “Number of scalars” is equal to 8. I need to convert this image to a scalar with “number of scalars” equal to 1

You can either use MultiVolume module to copy the currently selected frame into a scalar volume, or load the volume as a “Volume Sequence” (you can choose how to load a node in the “Description” column in “Add data” window).

Thank you so much. It worked for me.

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