Change the Slicer's name and icon

How to change this Slicer’s name and icon

You can use the SlicerCustomAppTemplate to create a customized version of Slicer with a new name, logo, style sheets, default module, etc…

See this article about SlicerCAT which is an example implementation of a SlicerCustomApp

Do I have to use SlicerCAT to customize these things? I have made a lot of changes in Slicer, and I don’t want to use SlicerCAT to rewrite and edit them, at least not yet

SlicerCustomApp was specifically created for all these customizations that you desire so you shouldn’t just be hacking a fork of the Slicer git repo to try and achieve the same thing as you will be wasting work.

With a SlicerCustomApp you can specify the git repo of Slicer that you want to use. So in the SlicerCAT example of a SlicerCustomApp see this section:


Okay, thank you very much.