Cmake setting in vscode

Hi all,

I am tring to create an enviornment for 3D slicer using vscode.
I have built my project using the “setting.json” as shown below:

    "cmake.configureArgs": [
        "-G", "Visual Studio 17 2022",

    "cmake.configureSettings": {
        "CMAKE_GENERATOR_TOOLSET": "host=x64",
        "Qt5_DIR": "C:/Qt/5.15.2/msvc2019_64/lib/cmake/Qt5"
    "cmake.buildDirectory": "D:/BUILD_Slicer/S5D",


The build is successful without any errors. However, whenever I make changes to some code and rebuild, all codes are built again instead of just the edited code. This is very time-consuming. Is there any way to solve this problem?

Tae Young Park