Unable to build SlicerCustomAppTemplate in Windows

I´m trying to build my first Custom Slicer App using SlicerCustomAppTemplate project but I can´t even to build the basic one.
Windows 11. VS 2022. Cmake 3.28.1
My steps:

  • Create D:\D2 forder and run cookiecutter gh:KitwareMedical/SlicerCustomAppTemplate on it.
  • Open CMake. Select source (D:\D2\SlicerCustomAppTemplate) and output (D:\D2\SR) folders. Add Qt5_DIR path in C:/Qt/5.15.2/msvc2019_64/lib/cmake/Qt5. Add bool CMAKE_CONFIGURATION_TYPES string Release. Then, Configure and Generate.

Cmake shows this values

I´m sure I´m doing something wrong but I´m stacked… Some idea what should be the problem?
Thanks in advance

A change in the file formats of the README from text file to markdown file caused this issue. Make the same type changes in your local source as the following linked PR (see below). Once that PR is integrated then new runs of the custom app template project should create a custom app template that builds successfully.

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Right!!! I compile it and works!
Thanks so much…