Collaborative/distributed segmentation of many images

Hello 3D slicer community,

I am wondering if there is a extension/feature available in 3D slicer that allows users to collaboratively annotate / work on images. People can work in teams perform their operations /collaboratively annotate, segment, and get seamless access to datasets

If you mean realtime collaboration (as if editing a google doc), that is not available. Otherwise data exchange is fairly easy. You can create a scene with all the data loaded, package it is a MRB file and send it to your collaborators for them to work on them.

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Agreed. What we routinely do these days is share a dropbox or google drive filled with source data and segmentations. The downside is you need to use directory names and spreadsheets to track things, but it’s workable.

The MONAI Label Reviewer module may be of interest but I haven’t tried it myself.

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Thanks for the suggestion. We will try it