Color Map corresponding to Scalar Values


I am new to Slicer 3D and I am working on segmentation and quantification for two different MRI scans. I have been able to segment specific regions, but I wanted to know if there were any options to show the specific pixel intensity values from within those segmented regions with a corresponding color map and legend? (Is there any way to create a quantitative color map for segmented regions, or are color maps only qualitative for the time being?)

Thank you for any help in advance.


Yes, you can segment a region and use SegmentStatistics to create a Table, from which you can plot values.

Or you can create a custom color table and display the scalar bar:


Segmentation module will create a color node if you export the segmentation to a labelmap node. Then, as Steve described above, You can then show the legend in slice and 3D views using the Colors module.