Combination of methods in vmtkSurfaceCurvature

Hi everyone,

I have another problem with generating a ‘nice’ mesh of an aneurysm. I use the information about curvature (vmtkSurfaceCurvature) in vmtkMeshGenerator. There are 4 methods for computing the curvature, and I was wondering if I could somehow combine them. For example, I would like to use the gaussian method in one part of the mesh, and the mean method everywhere else. Is this possible?

If not, are there other possibilities of setting the TargetEdgeLengthArrayName, apart from ‘Curvature’ and ‘DistanceToCenterlines’?

Thank you in advance,

Hi Jana,
what vmtkMeshGenerator requires for sizing is just a scalar field. Any PointData array associated on the vtkPolyData will work.
So you can create a new array, assign the Gaussian curvature to one portion (according to some geometric criteria - e.g. the points within a sphere) and use mean curvature everywhere else. If you provide the array with a name, GetPointData()->AddArray(the_array) and save it, you can then specify that name as TargetEdgeLengthArrayName to the script.
Hope this helps


Hi Luca,

thank you very much for your response. Finally, I figured out how to implement it and it works well. :slight_smile:

Now, the only problem is that I would like to smooth the new curvature in order to reduce the sharp edge between the two methods. Could you, please, give me some advice?

Thank you,