Mesh generation

Good morning,

First of all I would like to thank your team for the development of such an amazing tool.
I am trying to mesh a geometry that, although is not from a vascular scan, I believe it is suitable for VMTK.
However, based on the edge length I choose, sometimes I get the following error:

Error: Invalid PLC! Two subfaces intersect. ERR| vtkvmtkTetGenWrapper (0x55ff8e77b960): TetGen quit with an exception.

This gives me as an output just the surface mesh and the boundary layer.

Is it an error that comes from problems in my native geometry or after the generation of the boundary layer?

I get a similar error even if I use other opensource meshing software ( I don’t know if I can mention it in this discussion forum). I can generate the 3D mesh, but if I include the boundary layer algorithm it stops the meshing process due to “overlapping boundaries” and only outputs the surface mesh and the boundary layer like in this case.

Would anyone be able to help me?
I have been stuck on meshing this geometry for the last 7 months…

Thank you so much in advance!