Combine 4D sequence volume and 3D volume

I have been trying to combine volume sequence cardiac data and the upper half of the body (3D volume). I want to put 4D sequence volume put into the body and fix the scene. I tried to using transform but it seems not organized. Can anyone help me to do this ?

We would help, but it is not clear at all what would you like to do: “putting” a volume into another volume is not a well-defined operation, I don’t know what you mean by “fixing the scene”, or by “it seems not organized”.

Please give some context and explain the high-level goal, maybe also attach a hand-drawn or photoshopped sketch to illustrate the main concepts.


Thank you for the quick reply. Yes, I have two volume one is 3D volume and the second one is 4D volume ( Which is consists heartbeat and moving of the lungs and other organs of the upper part in the body ) This 4D volume made using sequences. The requirement is to place volume two inside the body. Eventually, the user could able to see only volume 1 but inside plays volume 2, this would be the ultimate scene.