Compare Volumes module does not work on Slicer-5.4

Hi there,
I recently downloaded the latest stable version of Slicer (5.4.0) for Windows and the module compare volumes doesn’t seem to work any more (the module appears empty when I select it). Is it just me? Do you now if it works properly in subsequent nightly built versions?

thank you very much


Hi Michele,
I was just about to create a new topic on this problem. Yes, I have Slicer 5.4 on MacOS and Linux and on both it does not work.

It seems to me that the UI file was deleted. This is the error I am getting:

self.reloadAndTestButton.toolTip = "Reload this module and then run the %s self test." % scenario
AttributeError: 'CompareVolumesWidget' object has no attribute 'reloadAndTestButton'

Yes, this was a regression in 5.4. You can use the latest preview or older release for now.

Or if you need to use 5.4, you could make this one-word fix to the file /Applications/

thanks, I tried with the fix of the stable version at it works properly.