Comparing the differences between two slices quantitatively

Operating system: MacOS High Sierra 10.13.1
Slicer version: 4.7.0-2017-09-21 r26391 (I can upgrade/downgrade if need be)
Expected behavior: Quantitative comparison of slices
Actual behavior: N/A

I have been tasked with creating images that show the least amount of difference between two images (if possible around a specific area of the images). I am unsure of which module/filter to use in order to easily get quantitative data about the differences!

Please Help!

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What kind of images you need to compare? Would you like to subtract the images from each other or just visually compare them side-by-side?

For visual comparison, it is probably enough to just set the same window/level values for both volumes in Volumes module.

If you need to subtract the images then probably spatially alignment would improve image quality a lot. You can register images using General registration (BRAINS) or General registration (Elastix) modules (for the latter you need to install SlicerElastix extension).

I am comparing MRI scans, I have conducted visual comparisons by overlapping them and allowing them to show 50/50, but I think the subtraction method would be more of what I am looking for. I will try the methods you have introduced and see if they work!

Thank you and Happy New Years!

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Also you can just subtract the two volumes and look at the resulting volume:


Dice coefficient is an efficient similarity comparison measure among