Completed with errors

Hi.When I use the Matlab Module Generator I’m facing with these errors. How can I solve these errors?

ERROR: Unable to find Matlab executable defined in the SLICER_MATLAB_EXECUTABLE_PATH environment variable: 0

ERROR: Failed to start Matlab process

ERROR: Cannot connect to the server
(Windows 10)

It means that Matlab executable is not found. Have you specified it in “Matlab module generator” module?

That said, i haven’t tested the extension for a good while now. The extension was created about 10 years ago, when Matlab was still very widely used and Python was not yet that popular. Things have changed a lot since then so despite some advantages of Matlab (more consistent style, maturity, and documentation across all packages), Python is a much more favorable ecosystem overall. I would recommend switching to Python instead of investing any time into developing or troubleshooting Matlab-based solutions.

Thank you so much for the detailed explanation.