MatlabBridge, MatlabCommander problems

Operating system: Windows
Slicer version: 4.11
Expected behavior: My Matlab module is woking and giving a Matlab files
Actual behavior: My Matlab module is not working and not saving files, its just openinig one more 3D slicer instance and put me an error as “MatLabCommander.exe - System Error” and its also advice me to reinstall the programm, i tried to many times, and its still not working. The problem is that in previous versions (like 4.3) my module was working. And the question is what is changed in Slicers source code, or behavior, that it caused such problem, modules are written on objective-c language. Also in Extensions Manager it says that MatLabBridge and SlicerOpenIGTLink not compatable with current Slicer version. Pinned an image of error. Main question is, what was changed since version 4.3, that it start not to work. Will be thankful for any answer!