Concept: Implementing Slicer's Segmentation to an Augmented Reality App

Hello Dear 3D Slicer Community,
I’am new to 3D Slicer and development. I started doing research how to implement 3D Slicer to a Hololens2 App. To conduct the segmentation in 3D space is the focus of the project. I was reading several posts here regarding AR/VR applications and would like to know if my idea of running Slicer on a VM and synchronizing the input (from HoloLens) and output (Segmentation Slices and 3D Render to Hololens) via a Slicer/Unity bridge would be possible.
Thoughts or ideas would be much appreciated.

Current integrations between Unity and Slicer are using Unity as an immersive viewer for data sets that are generated by Slicer. I’m not sure if these would be sufficient for you.

I would recommend to choose to work on an application that has high impact (hard to do using conventional desktop configurations) and low effort (relatively easy to implement).

Segmentation is none of them, as it is generally very well suited for desktop configurations (takes long time, requires very high precision) and would be hard to implement in AR/VR (you would need to implement complex interactions, lots of widgets, precision manipulation, etc). If you must work on segmentation (e.g., you got grant funding for this specific application) then you may focus on final quality assurance inspection, which requires lots of 3D view manipulation and minimal editing (just smoothing, cutting, or flagging regions for review could be sufficient).

If you can choose other applications then I would recommend to have a look at problems that are currently addressed by 3D printing. AR/VR can offer much better solution for many of them.