Conversion of DICOM to STL using 3D Slicer

I’ve seen tutorials on converting a set of DICOM files to a 3D STL model. Many recommend using 3D Slicer. 3D Slicer takes in DICOM files but returns an NRRD file instead of an STL. My question is what exactly did 3D Slicer do to my DICOMs and what exactly does an NRRD file contain? Is NRRD an 3D model or is it still 2D? And does the NRRD file contains segmented DICOMs or unsegmented DICOMs? Please help me out.

Thanks in advance.

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NRRD is binary labelmap (a 3D image), and STL is a surface mesh. This tutorial shows you how to make an STL file from a segmentation of anatomical images:

There are also some more segmentation tutorials on the Slicer training page.