Conversion to binary labelmap freezes Slicer

Hey everyone,

I have been using Slicer a lot to generate a .STL from a segmentation. The nice thing in here was that I could apply smoothing very easily. I’m doing the segmentation myself now, and generate a .STL from it (own program). However, I can’t manage to smooth it and wanted to see if Slicer could do it for me. I import the .STL and set the geometry to that of the .STL. I then want to smooth it, but Slicer asks me to change the source representation to a binary labelmap. When I click ‘Yes’, Slicer completely freezes. I looked at this issue: Retrieving statistics from RTSTRUCT and scalar volume - binary labelmap representation computation is very slow, but for me there is no option to select the “Planar contour → Ribbon model → Binary labelmap” path to create the binary labelmap. What is the issue here?

Did you try the smoothing in Surface toolbox? That does not require changing the representation to segmentation.

I just did, but it doesn’t lead to the result I want. In the Surface Toolbox, the only options are Taubin and Laplacian Smoothing. The smoothing used in the segment editor is Median Smoothing if I understood correctly. This is the result after applying Laplacian smoothing with 500 iterations and relaxation factor of 0.5:

And I want to get something like this:

Important difference is to know that the in the first picture I did the segmentation in my own program and in the second picture it was done in Slicer.

What happens when you drag and drop the STL into slicer scene, and as opposed to loading it as Model, choose Segmentation in the options?

I’ve now loaded it in using ‘Add data’ and then select the .STL. Haven’t converted it into a model and then I can make it a binary labelmap in the ‘Segmentations’ module using just the standard ‘Create’ option, so not even using the advanced option. However, I still need a model in order to smooth it in the segment editor and I don’t have a model now.