Convert 3D slicer into 3D solid body

Hi my friends
i need some help
i want convert 3D stl into Solidwork solid body

You need to export to STL or similar supported format. There are many previous discussions, please use search to find them:


i already have .stl
i find method to convert CT scan into stl
i need method to convert CT scan image into 3D solid body not graphics, so i can use it in solidwork software to do mechanical analysis( simulation and other objectives)

please help

I haven’t used it myself, but you could try the Cleaver extension and let us know how it goes:

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FEA packages that can work with arbitrary geometries often have pre-processor component that can create volumetric mesh from surface mesh.

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in simple word i mean

i have CT image of camels skull i want import it as solid body in SOLIDWORK software
is there any method in slicer do that?

i am waiting for you

You may try Cleaver (either the Slicer extension or the command-line tool - or Solidworks built-in meshers (

I’ve added a new extension, Segment Mesher - it’ll be available in tomorrow’s nightly build. It can create volumetric meshes using either Cleaver2 or TetGen. See more information here: