Convert.dcm to .ply , is it possible?

Operating system: window 10
Slicer version: 5.2.1

Hi , slicer users !

I want to directly convert it to .ply to import both the modeling information and texture information of the dcm file exported from 3shape, but I know that if there is no decryption key, I have to use brute force.

Is the decryption work possible in 3d slicer?

The meaning of the .dcm file is as follows:

  • not dicom file(CT) , 3 shape’s export type
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Sorry, I find it very hard to understand what you would like to do. What outputs you can export from 3shape, in which file format? Can you provide an example file? (upload it somewhere and post the link here)

Hi, @lassoan

(ref. Convert dcm files into stl with 3shape - YouTube )

There are many ways to convert DCM 3D Model file to STL file.
However, texture information cannot be used in this case.

So, I want to convert directly from DCM 3D Model file to .ply to utilize the texture information.

is it possible to 3D slicer ?

maybe you can try to convert the .stl or the .nrrd format to .ply
there is the full opensource c code for reading and writing to .ply
may it help.

Convert ‘.dcm’ to ‘.ply’

I’m not sure if there is a way to store textured surface mesh in standard DICOM information object. Even if there is, 3shape probably uses private fields instead, as it allows them to lock people into using their software and charge extra for various data export features.

If they don’t offer textures surface mesh export (or it is not affordable) then you can reverse-engineer the contents of the private fields. However, they can change the private fields at anytime and they can make it very hard to decipher the private field contents if they want to.

Overall, probably your best options are either

  • A. pay for the appropriate data export features in 3shape, or
  • B: switch to a more open, more affordable system
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