Convert DICOM RT structure set (RS) to NIFTI

Operating system: Windows 11 Pro
Slicer version: 5.2.2
Expected behavior:
Actual behavior:

Hello everybody,
I have got some DICOM series with their RS structures and I need to convert them in NIFTI format in a batch. Is there any solution?

After you install SlicerRT extension, you can load RT structure sets from DICOM and export the segmentation to NIFTI files.

In general, I would recommend not to use NIFTI files, as they have many issues and limitations. For example, they cannot store overlapping labels; they just store label values (but not what each label value means - segment name, standard terminology codes, color, etc.), cannot store segmentations acquired with tilted gantry, etc. Segmentation NRRD files (.seg.nrrd) do not have these limitations.

Many thanks for your reply.

I have followed the procedure you suggested. When I have tried to save the RT struct in NIFTI, there was not the extensions. The only possible extensions in the drop-menu were nnrd and nhdr only.
In addition, after converting in seg.nrrd format, I checked the file in an external envoronment (I have used matlab) but I could not see any value. It seems that there wasn’t any conversion at all.
Can you please help me?

I was also wondering if there is an option to convert in NIFTI the images (not only RT struct), as well?

Many thanks!!!

Make sure you use the export function in Segmentations module and that you use the current Slicer version (5.2.2).