Convert DICOM RTSS to DICOM segmentation

I want to convert structures in DICOM-RTSS format to DICOM seg format.
Is it possible with Slicer-3D?If yes how
thank you for helping me

If you install the SlicerRT extension then you can import DICOM RT Structure Set, and if you install Quantitive Reporting extension then you can export it as DICOM Segmentation Object. See DICOM module documentation for details.

I imported a CT scan with its segmentation in RTSS format.
Despite the installation of the Slicer RT and Quantitative Reporting modules, I cannot find how to export the segmentation in DICOM segmentation format. I saw that it was possible to export it in NIFTI format for example but the viewer that I will use afterwards only allows the DICOM segmentation format.
I am a beginner with Slicer3D, thank you for answering the first post and I hope this one too.

You need to first load the segmentation into the scene and then export it to DICOM. In the “DICOM export” window, choose Select export type → DICOMSegmentation.