Convert .mhd dose volume to RTDose file and export

The output of my Monte Carlo simulations for the dose distributions are multiple .mha dose volumes.

I would aim to compare them to other dose distributions and overlap them with CT DICOMs.

There are many tools available for RTDose files and I think it is a good idea to convert my 3D .mha dose volumes to an RTDose file.

You can see the output format of my dose volumes in the Dropbox link below. There is one of many dose volumes “DoseVolume000_CP0000.mha” in the folder as well as an “example_RTDose”.

You can export DICOM files like this:

To export RTDOSE:

  • Have the SlicerRT extension installed
  • Have a Patient/Study in the Data module
  • In the Study have the CT and the dose volume
  • Convert the regular volume node (grayscale) to dose volume (colored) via the right-click menu
  • Export the study as you see in the video