Convert VTK model to STL while maintaining GroupIds

Dear all,

I am processing a surface model of the LIMA-LAD bypass in VMTK. I managed to split the domain in separate regions using VMTKBranchExtractor and VMTKBranchClipper, as shown in the figure. In the VTK file format the GroupIds are conserved, but when writing a STL file as output of the VMTKBranchClipper, this information gets lost.

I am trying to get a STL file of this domain (including the caps at the outlets) where each region has a different ID, so this would mean that each region becomes a solid in the STL file format? I would get 9 different regions, 4 for the endscaps and 5 for the different arteries. I can use VMTKThreshold to write seperate STL files by thresholding based on the GroupId number, but that is not very efficient.

Does someone have any experience with creating one STL file containing different solids for each region from a VTK?

Besides, if I want to compute the length and average radius throughout each segment, how can I accomplish that?

STL is a very simple format. You probably need to make each group into a separate STL file and keep track of the groups another way.

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