Converting MarkupsCurve to MarkupsFiducial

I’ve imported a brachytherapy treatment plan that includes a MarkupsCurve for each catheter. I’m looking to convert each of these into models (ultimately, individual segments).

I can copy and paste all the control points in a MarkupsFiducial list, one catheter at a time, which allows me to create a model for each catheter.

I feel there must be an easier way! Anyone have any ideas? Perhaps I’m missing a set of tools that helps with this.

It is a hack, not a real solution, but you can save Markupcurves as fcsv (not JSON) and reload them into the slicer. That way they will be loaded as MarkupFiducials.

Or you use the import/export tab to export as a table and reimport as a markupFiducial, though I don’t think this will be less work than copy/pasting.

Probably scripting is the way to go.

I guess we don’t have a module for this because it is so simple to get a model/segmentation using the Python console:

curveNode = getNode('OC')
segmentationNode = getNode('Segmentation')

# Create mesh using tube filter
tube = vtk.vtkTubeFilter()
# Customize the tube parameters (optional)

# Add it to a new model node...

# ...or add it to a segmentation as a new segment
  tube.GetOutput(), "catheter", [0.0,1.0,0.0])

This code could be quite easily added as a “Convert” or “Export/Import” section in Markups module. If you think this would help you then you can submit a feature request.

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