Copy/paste fiducial control points coordinates

It is not something I routinely used, so I might be off track completely, but as I recall at some point we can copy and paste coordinates from an spreadsheet into the actual RAS fields of the markup?

Right now all I can do is to copy and paste existing ones, which simply duplicates them…

You can cut/copy/paste markup control points between markups in Slicer and Excel/text editor/etc. I’ve just tested this with the latest Slicer Preview Release on Windows and works well.

If you copy a set of control points to clipboard and paste that into the same markup then of course it will duplicate the control points.

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OK, now I understand. What threw me off, that I was expecting the paste overwrite the existing row where I right click and say “Paste”. it is adding as a new entry to list, which is fine…

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