Copyright question


This may be an irrelevant question but i could not find an answer in the main page. Can I use the datasets in 3D Slicer Tutorial section for my paper or dissertation by citing the source? I actually emailed the experts creating the tutorial but no reply so far. Thanks for the help!

All materials are freely usable for any purpose without any restrictions.

Edit: this answer captures the essence, but see Steve’s answer below for more details.

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Unless stated otherwise, code, data, and other content distributed with Slicer is under the Slicer license, which is very permissive and meant to encourage productive reuse. For sure it’s also always good to cite sources according to academic conventions and to promote reproducibility of your work.


thank you so much for the clarification @lassoan and @pieper

Considering the lack of appropriate data, freely using such data sets will greatly help me in my paper. If everything goes smoothly, it will be my first paper! Thank you so much again, have a great day!