License question about the use of the sample data

Hello dear ones,

as part of my master’s thesis I am working on segmentation and modeling of vertebrae of the human spine. To avoid data protection barriers, I started to work with the sample datasets from 3D Slicer. While doing so, I asked myself if it would be legal to make the segmented and exported vertebrae models freely available on a publicly accessible homepage (such as Thingiverse)?
I found an older forum entry (Usage Rights to Sample Data) about a different question, but its answer gives me reason to hope that publication would not be a problem.

Many thanks in advance for your help and best regards

In general, sample data sets in Slicer are free to use without restrictions. You can find specific information about some data sets in the “Acknowledgement” section of the “Sample Data” module.

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All right. There I found explicitly about the dataset used the information that it comes “with a permissive copyright-license, allowing for data to be shared, distributed and improved upon”. Thanks a lot for the help and the hint to look there!