Correction to SlicerIGT slide U05

SlicerIGT tutorial U05- Command Line Interface has an issue. I tried several times as it has been mentioned about “EditSeqMetafile”. But there is no such file in the PlusServer bin folder.

Correction: “EditSequenceFile”

You are correct. The executable in the Plus toolkit is now called EditSequenceFile.exe.

On the SlicerIGT website it says

Note that this course will remain under constant development. If you notice any mistakes, or have any suggestions on how to improve it, please contact us .

You might want to go through that contact since it is probably a more direct way for requesting the tutorial to be updated.

Thank you and I will do that

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SlicerIGT tutorial U05 and associated .bat files in SlicerIGT-Data have now been updated to use the new name (EditSequenceFile).

Appreciate. Thank you