Replay recorded data as a sequence in the SequenceBrowser


I recorded a tracked video using the Plus Remote module from Slicer IGT. The recording had been stored as a .igs.mha file.
I can replay the recording using Plus Toolkit and the video and the tracking data is visible in Slicer through IGTLink.

However I cannot play/stop the video using the SequenceBrowser. Do you know how I can solve this issue?

Thanks you

If you install SlicerIGSIO extension then igs.mha file is offered to be loaded as “IGSIO Sequence”. You can replay this sequence using Sequences module (Browse tab).

Things work similarly in the latest Slicer Stable Release, too, but it is quite old and the new Slicer Preview Release will soon be the new stable, so I would recommend to switch to the preview release now.