Could not load: 1006: Evidence Documents MR Flow Quantification as a Scalar Volume

Windows 10
Slicer version: 4.10.2

Hey, im trying to analise results of an 4D MRI but when i try to load some of the documents this messagem appears.


and if i try to load anyway this appears


I also tryed to examine the particular file i wanted to open and this is what the examination says.

In one of my trys to make this work i install the SlicerHeart extension and this message started to appear.

i wonder if this problem is related with that strange caracter that appears in metadata

I really don’t know how to solve this and i would really appreciate some help. Thanks!

Best regards,

André Mourato

“Reference image does not contain geometry information” message means that the image is just a screenshot or screen capture video - there is no information about image scale or position. The image is probably rejected in the end because it is a color image with burnt-in annotations.

You can probably bypass DICOM checks by drag-and-dropping a single file of the series to the application window, check “Options”, and uncheck “Single file” option.

What would you like to do with these images in Slicer?

Hey again, thanks for the tip but i’m afraid it didn’t worked. After unchecking “Single File” and press “OK” a box appears and dissappears vey quickly but nothing else happens.

Im trying to develop a numeral model to acess the hemodynamics inside the ascending aorta. In this case i wanted to consult the initial conditions of the flow.

Probably the flow information is stored in private tags and all that is stored in standard DICOM fields is a single screenshot. If you can share an anonymized sample data set then we can give more specific details.

Sorry i’m just an engineering student and i really don’t know how anonymate my sample but i will try to do that and come ask for help again.

Anyway, thank you so much fot the help.

CTP Anonymizer is a quite good tool. You can usually get good results (patient information is removed but information that is needed to interpret the data set is preserved) with default settings.