Could not load: 2011: SAG NC as a Scalar Volume

Hi this is my first post, I been trying to open this CT for over 3-5 days and I can’t open it, I have 5.6.1 Stable 3D Slicer version. I’m from Mexico and this TC was taken at Thailand.
I can view Dicom Metadata but can´t open it. I tried using PACS Software to export it again (CD Software) but doesn’t work I need to convert it into a STL file for printing I have made alot of STLs but can’t open this one. Also tried to import .bmp images but I didn’t success with it, I don’t have too much experience with converting dicom files
Here are 2 links:
First one has the exported dicom files from Hospital that I asked again (just dicom files)
The second link has everything from CD (software PACS to open CT, dicoms, etc).

Update: Yesterday I tried patching multiple times but it says “examining… not dicom file, skipped”.

Have you tried the DICOM patcher module?

Yes, it didn’t work (posted screenshot) says “Not DICOM file. Skipped”.

I couldn’t spend much time on it, but the files I looked at were missing the metaheaders, so they are very noncompliant. I don’t know of a good solution for that.

Update: Found a solution, exported to JPG or BMP from the CD’s software and imported it as multiple images in Slicer 3D and exported it as STL, it is not 1:1 scale but I escalated it measuring in the TC and Blender. Thank you.