Covid lung radiomics feature extraction

I’m working on feature extraction from lung and extracted features from left and right lung.
My question is: is it possible to extract features from total lung?

Yes, if you use Lung CT Segmenter and perform a lung segmentation, the module will create a segment “thoracic cavity” which - if you do not check “vessel segmentation” - will contain both the right and left lung.
I´ll add a standard segment named “lungs” within the next few days.

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I have another question if you can help me @rbumm
I checked “airway segmentation” then After radiomics features extracted, both image nrrd file and its labelmap(mask) nrrd file add to directory path and then “remove” from it.

Is it intended?

Do you mean the files that are displayed here?

They seem to be temporary files.

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Yes exactly
Actually I’m looking for a binary mask like this:

How can I create something like this in slicer?

You could run Lung CT Segmenter, then go to “Data”, right-click “Lung Segmentation” and “Export visible segments to binary labelmap”:

Of course, many other options exist in 3D Slicer’s “Segment Editor” to create binary masks.

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Hello Dr bumm.
I have one question
Did “lungs” segmenter added to lung segmenter option in the lastest slicer update?

Yes, “lungs” now get automatically created upon your request (Slicer 5.2.1), but you would need to checkbox them in “Data” as “visible”.

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Hello Dr bumm.
is it possible to show radiomics features like glcm on the ct images in the slicer?

Best regard.

Hello @Nima_Yousefi ,

This is an interesting question, I do not have a direct solution and am not aware of a pyradiomics voxel-mapping 3D Slicer function.
You may need to run voxel-based radiomics from the command line to obtain the results you are aiming for.

Could maybe @JoostJM or other specialists comment, thank you.

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Greeting Dr bumm
about Shape, Texture, First Orderfeatures (like mean, autocorrelation , flatness , …)

what is their unit of measurements?