Lung CT Analyzer and Radiomic Features?

Can Features be extracted directly from Lung CT Analyzer 3D results using Radiomic Features?

You would want to install the “Radiomics” extension in Slicer which you could then use to analyze the output (“Lung analysis segmentation”) of the “Lung CT Analyzer” module.

So it can be. Thank you, teacher!

Excuse me teacher: is this operation only extracting the features of the lesion?

Unfortunately, I have no experience with Radiomics and can only give limited advice here.
I did not find Radiomics included in Slicer 4.13 so every guess from my side is based on a probably outdated program version.

Feeding the output of Lung CT Analyzer into Radiomics in Slicer 4.11 did not produce meaningful results. In the Radiomics result table, the feature columns for each output segment were identical.

Ok. Thank you, teacher.