Create 3d volumetric data from plane images (Axial, Coronal, Sagittal)

I think the question of the original poster was about reconstructing a volume from 3 projection images, which is generally not possible (the information is just too sparse).

Regarding volum rendering in Blender. Considering Slicer’s most recent volume rendering improvements, Blender’s volume rendering may be a downgrade. Converting a volume to mesh is such a tremendous amount of information loss that you probably want to avoid. Instead, you can augment your volume rendering with the information you get from segmentation.

Anyway, if you want to try what Blender can do with volumes, you can load an image stack into Slicer, export it into mha or nrrd format, load it into ParaView, and save as .vdb format. If you come up with something nice then please post it (probably in a new topic, as this topic is not about high-quality volume rendering).