Create a Volumen from axial,sagital and coronal series

Operating system: Linux Ubuntu
Slicer version: 4.11.20210226
Hello my name is Mauricio and i am currently working on determining the trajectory of bullets in head wounds. I have a problem and is that when the radiology share me the DICOM file of a MIP angiography, it share the imagen in three different series: axial, coronal and sagital. I need a single volumen series. it is possible to convert the 3 series to one volumen series with 3d slicer?

PD: This is how appears in the DICOM load data
DSA ANGIO CRANEO(Adulto) (20210125) (study)
1012: AXIAL MIP_1 (serie)
1014: CORONAL MIP (serie)
1016: SAGITAL MIP_1 (serie)

Thanks for the time.

It is not possible to reconstruct a 3D volume from just 3 projections.

There is an axial image, which indicates that the acquired rotational angio is suitable for 3D reconstruction. Therefore, most likely the radiologists can give you a reconstructed 3D volume and not just 3 projection images.

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Than you, i would contact the radiologists and solicitate a reconstructed 3D volume.
Thank you for your prompt response.