Create a 3D fetus from an ultrasound 4D

Hello everyone!

I’m new here, and I’ve seem some conversations about this subject, but anyone knows how to convert an ultrasound 4Dn exam ( philips ) to a printable data?

Hehehe, are congratulations in order?

My wife wouldn’t let me scan :frowning:

See SlicerHeart extension for converting Philips 4D “dicom” files. Once complete, use the Sequences to load it as a 3d + t volume.

I’m unsure about volume reconstruction using Slicer. I’ve done it before using the Plus library.

Edit: If one of the 3D frames is particularly good, you could segment out the fetus from that frame, clean it up a bit in MeshLab, then 3D print it.

If you want to get really hardcore, you could print the fetus in PLA, and use it as a lost-plastic mold for casting it in bronze/brass.

I mean… not that I’ve thought about it.