Create a Draw tube and move it

I created a tube using Draw tube, I want to move it to connect to another part.How can I move it?

You can click Edit button in Draw tube effect options to edit the control points, then you can repaint the tube into the selected segment.

What is the difference between labelmap and Model?!

I gave a 5mm thickness to my model, but when I measure it by using ruler it says 3 mm!!! which one should I rely on?

@hamid Can you provide screenshots of what you are measuring? The model is used to generate the labelmap. The model is in continuous space while the labelmap is in discrete space so what the model shows is not going to generate a labelmap that is exactly the same.


The model and labelmap should be very close (you can reduce surface smoothing to make them more similar).

You may see significant differences between the size that you request for brush size, tube radius, shell thickness, etc. and the actual size that can be represented in the labelmap at the current resolution. If you find that this difference is too large then you can increase the resolution of the segmentation (at the cost of increased memory usage and computation time).

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This is the thickness that I set for 5mm but it says around 2mm for descending Aorta

Are you using latest stable release (Slicer-4.11.20200930)?

I am using this version!

Many thanks to you James!

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Thank you @lassoan, How can I increase the resolution of the segmentation?

I need to extend the three arch branches to some extent.But the Slicer dose NOT allowed me to draw tube or ā€¦ outside the magenta cubic from the top side ā€˜Sā€™!
Is there any way to do this?

You need to create an empty volume above that space as it is the limit of your volume.

There may be other more elegant ways of doing this but one that comes to my mind is to draw a ROI box to include your current volume and extend it up to the excess space you want and then crop it using the crop module. (you can specify the fill value for this newly created space in the crop volume)

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Thank you so much manjula,
I tried to make ROI volume and then extend the three branches to some extent but the extended parts (inside the new volume and outside of the origin volume) do NOT show up.Would you please help me to make a ROI volume?Mabe I have not made the ROI correctly.
Should I go to the volume rendering to make the ROI and then using segment editor to lengthen 3 branches?

I believe you must have not selected the newly cropped volume in the segment editor?

I choose the cropped volume in segment editor and when I reload the .mrml file(the previous lumen) and new cropped volume(.nrrd file) together the extended branches (using Draw Tube) do not show up in cropped volume!!!
But when I reload just the .nrrd file , the Draw Tube works on it.

Moreover I need to merge these two together and make a thick shell

I still think you are working in different segments with different volumes.

You can combine the two segments with the logical operators in the segment editor.