How can I import in the same volume 3 DICOM files of the same volume

Hi I am having a problem with the DICOM import, I have 3 DICOM files: the coronal, the axial and the sagittal MRI of the same patient.
The problem is that when I add these 3 DICOM files, Slicer3D dislpays them in 3 different volumes while i have to see them in 1 volume so I can start to segment.

Quite often 3 anisotropic MRI images are acquired (high resolution along two axes, very low resolution along a third axis) to reduce time spent in the MRI scanner. However, these images are not well suited for 3D segmentation. See more information here: Combining volumes - what am I missing? . To reduce artifacts caused by low-resolution third axis you can follow the technique explained here: Segmenting Issue: I Can’t Remove “ridges” in 3-D model