Create more than one conversion rule in developped module

I have developed a new reconstruction module in slicerRT.

I have created new conversion rule (planar Contours->Closed surface) in which I have implemented a contours based reconstruction method. In fact it works fine if segmentations have high quality, but it fails with intricate objects.

My question how can I create many conversions rules in my module? for exemple like planarContours->RibbonModel->BinaryLabelMap-<Closedsurface?

If I create two conversion rules (for exemple PlanarContours->RibbonModel) and (Ribbon Model->BinaryLabelMap). They are separated and dont appear in the same line when I click on closed surface update Botton.

It may be there is Something to do when registering rules in logic Module?

I would like to get planarContours->RibbonModel->BinaryLabelMap-<Closedsurface?

Thank’s in advance

You can register any number of conversion rules. By default, Slicer will choose the combination of rules that can accomplish a conversion with the minimum cost, but you can choose a different path manually.

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