Create PDF from a jupyter notebook

Hello – is it possible to export a Jupyter Notebook that works on Slicer 5.6 python kernel to a .pdf? I struggle to do so directly in ‘jupyter notebook’ and in VScode. VScode error is

  • Error: Loading C:/Users/EKATAR~1/AppData/Local/Temp/89f06fdc-02d7-475e-84af-69983be3900c/script.ipynb - load failed.
  • Error: Loading C:/Users/EKATAR~1/AppData/Local/Temp - load failed.

Jupyter Notebook error is:
nbconvert failed: PyQtWebEngine is not installed to support Qt PDF conversion. Please install nbconvert[qtpdf] to enable.

I ran ‘pip install nbconverter’ from the Slicer 5.6 kernel environment and got a success message, but nothing has changed.