Slicer Jupyter notebooks can be launched using just a web browser

Slicer Jupyter notebooks can now be run interactively in your web browser without the need to install Slicer on your computer - Slicer instance is launched in the cloud automatically when you open a notebook. Thanks @ihnorton for setting this up!

Click here to use Slicer notebooks in your web browser now - there is no need to install anything.

Let us know if you find good use cases or further ideas about how we should improve this infrastructure.



Maybe we can migrate example scripts and tutorials to this.

I’ve tried to do something like that in My first notebook. I think it looks promising.

Should we create a repository in Slicer organization? What should be the name? SlicerNotebooks? SlicerExamples? SlicerScriptRepository (if we were to migrate all contents)?

SlicerNotebooks makes sense to me. Yes, I saw your example notebooks and they worked nicely for me.

We can also include notebooks as part of Slicer documentation (that can be launched on Binder by a single click) - see for example here: